Yup! Like you, Linda, I’ve been handing it out to multiple people and friends I know, buying copies left and right and being like “I TOLD YOU.” In Dwarf Planet, I really wanted to leave out SSRI’s as an option but my editor pushed for it, so we made a quick two sentence note as an option, consult your doctor, blah blah. Even our medical advisor was somewhat opposed based on what she’d seen, but we agreed it made best sense to leave an option like Hari did as well. After the war, I got prescribed a high dose of Zoloft that made me feel more like a zombie than dealing with what I had been through. What’s funny is reading through his book I had this epiphany all these years later being like, “I was still depressed taking antidepressants so why the hell did I keep taking them?

The community part is something we push stupid hard at HeartSupport and we had this theory YEARS ago about core wounds and men and women acting out of those core wounds. Every bit of success has been community based, and here’s where an experiment we gambled on is proving gold. This year on Warped Tour we built a giant wall where everyone at warped tour can write their story to encourage a man or woman from our community struggling. Here’s where it gets interesting, the people receiving the encouragement and giving it are processing more and growing stronger. The people who receive the encouragement cry and feel loved and understood that so many people would rally around them. The people who give the encouragement share their darkest time and talk with many of our staff and often say “I’ve never told anyone this, it’s so freeing!”The biggest problem we’re having is the crowd at our tent is so large all the time, we don’t have enough volunteers to manage it all!

Here’s some photos of the whole thing:

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