You are correct that resiliency and mental grit are the key to making it through any Special Operations training as I have told many a young gun this when they ask how to make it through training. “If you don’t mind, it don’t matter” we liked to say. Solid advice. However….

My one qualm is with the sentence I highlighted. SEALs are not the most elite special forces on the planet. They just like to tell you they are. Because of their high profile missions that have made the news, it’s set them in the spotlight and become a giant circle-jerk that’s only fueled by the media and by those outside of the military complex. There are Tier 1 Operator Groups that make the SEALs look ridiculously juvenile by comparison. Additionally, most within JSOC and SOCOM find the SEALs unbearable these days. The motto has always been “Quiet Professionals” yet the SEALs shout their deeds from the rooftop. So while the SEALs may be fantastic warriors, they could still learn from the less well-known elite groups who exercise the most important mental exercise of all: humility.

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