When I shared this article on my social media accounts, many of the comments that flooded in reflected this mentality:

“Actually, people of character are in decline.”

So yes, I agree with your statement that these values are in decline among all groups. Why didn’t I write it that way though? One of the women that responded said the article let’s women off the hook too easy and that there’s a lot of character issues among young girls these days as well. I agreed with her. I, however, am not the person suited to tackle a women’s issue or even from the perspective of non-binary genders, because (let’s be honest) the flak I’d receive would be unreal and there’s a good chance I’d be labeled a misogynist by some. In the same vein that people without a background in the military can’t speak with as much authority as a vet, I felt more comfortable tackling a topic I knew about and understood as a man. Perhaps one of the gifted writers here on Medium can write it from the perspective of the other gender as I’d love to read it.

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