Trip, I always appreciate your insightful and thoughtful responses. It is, indeed, heartbreaking to see the way the church has gone to great links to protect its own as of late, but doesn’t surprise me either. Most who commit wrongdoing hide behind scripture saying the world will “hate them” when they’re more like the den of vipers Jesus calls the Pharisees. They hide behind their power, favor, and friends. I think they forget the book of Acts where Christians lived so counter-cultural and generous that they “enjoyed the favor of all the people.” Instead, we don’t even call out our own anymore until the media has gotten involved, and even then Christians and leaders are defensive instead of repentant. The upside down kingdom, has indeed, been flipped upside-down (and not in a good way). Hoping and praying this article helps shed light and brings justice to the victims, as I’ve found light is always a great disinfectant.

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