Tony, of course. Comedian Penn Jillette pointed this out in regards to Christianity when he said, “If you believe you had the cure for cancer why wouldn’t you be trying to give it to people?” However, there’s a way to do this without coming off as a self-righteous jackwagon, which I hopefully outlined in this article. It’s the simple command of loving your neighbor. Grace must always precede truth if we are to live the life of Jesus. A friend of mine named Hugh Halter put it in to better words than I could:

If you become of friend of someone, you’ll know their true story, and if you know their true story, you’ll understand their sin, and when you understand their sin, you’ll know how to pray, and when you know how to pray, God will show you your own sin and how to love, and when you love, and keep loving, and keep loving, they will want to know what you think, and then you will speak truth, and they will want to hear, and they will want to know your God, and God will change their heart.

Storyteller | Combat wounded veteran | Metalhead | Designer | Bleeding on a page just makes it more authentic:

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