Timothy, great read and thank you for pointing this out as a lot of our faith leaders have seem to have lost their minds. Question for you (and this may seem out of left field). Do you know of any public statements by MacArthur in support of CJ Mahaney? Reason being is I’ve been working on a huge expose piece commissioned by Medium on sexual abuse and the good ‘ol boy evangelical network that covers for its own. I’m a minister and have been concerned about this for years, so wanted to bring attention to it. We just finished rounds with Medium’s lawyer and are in the process of doing fact-checking. MacArthur shares the same stage as Mahaney at conferences like T4G, and could have sworn he has, but so far, no dice or article I can find. I saw someone pointed you in the right direction for this piece, so I’m curious if you knew anything. Best to you!

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