Tim, I agree it isn't fully formed, but the first step is recognizing we need a better approach and to stop coddling people. The article isn't intended to focus on PTSD and hence why I including everything from medication to rising trends in suicide linked to social media. One of the major issues we've been discussing at our organization is that every mental health entity like NAMI to The Suicide Prevention hotline has similar resources, classes, and support. The problem, however, is that we expect everyone to come to us, instead of doing actual outreach. That Field of Dreams mentality (if you build it, they will come) doesn't work in reality. We also aren't equipping them for life or training them to become for self-reliant, but working to mitigate their problems instead of tackling them head on. I think what needs to be done is figure out new and inventive ways to reverse the trends and make an actual impact, but imagine it'll take some years and measuring ROI in mental health can be tricky.

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