This is why I love Medium Staff. They’re willing to feature articles from Christians, Muslims, and other major religions on their front page. Try finding other publications that allow sentiments like these to be featured prominently. Bravo, Medium.

Morgan, this is a great piece and as a fellow Christian (and pastor), I chuckled because I remember the day I found out Mary Magdalene wasn’t a prostitute. Like you I felt like I’d been lied to my whole life. What I discovered instead is the way people love to twist and distort our sacred literature to suit their own needs. Instead of giving up power as Jesus taught, many church leaders seek power. Instead of caring for the poor, marginalized, and oppressed, they continue the oppression. I’ve often wondered as you mentioned, “are we reading the same Bible?

I think, however, this is an inherently Western problem, whereas places like China—where Christians are persecuted—seem to major on the majors and minor on the minors. My hope is that as this warped power hungry Western Christianity dies out, vibrant believers take their place. We’ll look odd believing in an “invisible sky fairy” but at least we’ll be getting back to our roots as a sub sect that has no power and is know for the way we love others. Best to you sister and thank you again.

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