This gave me a good laugh Normal Earthling!

I had wondered if someone would read my comment, go to my profile, and then be like “screw this guy, he’s one of THEM.” But I can assure you, I’m here to find really good writers. One of the writers I really like on here has like 50 followers. He has one of my favorite stories too, because it’s just great storytelling. I let people’s work speak for themselves. I usually will find a profile and check out a few stories, if they’re good, I follow. Sometimes, I’ll come back to them if I haven’t followed them to see if they have new content and have grown as a writer, and then follow. For me, it has to be earned.

I won’t lie, Medium has grown my following substantially. But even if a profile has a lot of followers, I’ll check them out, and if I like the work I follow. Many well-known book authors have tons of fans and followers because they wrote things people loved (Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Hemingway, etc). So what I’d ask of you is to check out a few pieces of mine. If you don’t like the writing, don’t follow me. Follow the people who write the things that stir your soul. There’s a LOT of hope-hucksters and listicles (Thaddeus Howze’s awesome words) on Medium, and as sucky as the algorithms or some of the top blogs can be, there’s gems all throughout Medium.

And here’s what I know: Hidden treasure is always the best type of treasure to find.

Storyteller | Combat wounded veteran | Metalhead | Designer | Bleeding on a page just makes it more authentic:

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