This article isn’t meant to be exhaustive on the subject, let alone go into video games, violence in the media, or even novels like 50 Shades. However, the data is there to support this essay. I didn’t even bother to venture into the neurological conditioning or move into the chemical effects of dopamine as it’s been done over and over and that data is there as well.

Everyone assumes if you’re religious also you have an agenda. We champion religious projects that feed the needy, poor, and oppressed, but when it moves into an area people closely protect and the data shows, “hey, this is pretty damaging and we’re seeing some of the results in culture” suddenly it’s an agenda. I can tell you first hand from experience that this is a major issue. A few years ago, I spoke at the Joint Special Operations Command on the subject of pornography and mental health.

The reason why I was invited?

Porn addiction is the #4 issue being seen at the VA currently. Additionally, the commanders are having trouble with the troops consuming it in mass quantities on secure channels as well as wrecking their family lives. Don’t even get me started on the increase in sexual assault among the military.

I wasn’t the only one reporting this. I sat in rooms with sex therapists, professional counselors, and people with more degrees than God who reiterated the data.

It’s fine if I can’t convince you of this, but look into the research. And do it objectively. You’ll not find many scholarly articles speaking to the benefits of porn. Take it even a step further. Talk to guys who can’t even get erect without thinking about porn even though their with they’re wife or girlfriend. Speak with men and women in SA that got there through porn.

Everyone knows smoking is dangerous and has consequences. All I’m trying to do is show people the same thing. Whether they follow that advice or not is on them.

Storyteller | Combat wounded veteran | Metalhead | Designer | Bleeding on a page just makes it more authentic:

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