The reason we’re even having these issues today has a lot to do with technology and everyone being available all the time. It’s unhealthy. I’m not sure if you’re as old as me Kris, but I remember growing up in the 80’s and when you called someone and they didn’t answer it *gasp* meant they weren’t home or available. It didn’t mean you were dead on the side of the road after being gutted by a Mexican Drug Cartel. And it certainly didn’t mean you hated the person or didn’t care about them. You were just unavailable and probably out enjoying life.

There’s a reason I never check messages on Facebook because they have those damned read receipts you can’t turn off (seriously, wtf.. invasion of privacy much?) and people get so butt hurt. But I’ll be the first to admit, this has become problematic for me as well. I want people to be at my beck and call. But I’m also trying to depend on my phone less and less and not answer calls and texts with extreme prejudice because there’s more to life than being tethered to a computer or phone. Just look around a restaurant when you’re out for dinner next. No one talks to each other anymore. You’re very much correct that there’s a conversation about boundaries people aren’t having.

The one caveat to all this is marriage and kids. Even before technology, my Dad would tell my mom “Hey, I’m going to grab milk and bread” or he’d call and let her know “Hey, I’ll be home late from work.” That’s just a courtesy. Even today, I can’t walk out of my house and not tell my wife where I’m going even if it’s just for eggs at the store. We joke with couples we take through counseling that once you’re married it really is a one flesh/two-become-one mentality because it’s kinda like being a kid again and having to tell mom you’re going to Johnny’s house to play.

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