Thanks for writing this eloquent response. You have a way with words that described much of what I felt and placed the core issue (our humanity) at the center regardless of where we may land on the moral/political spectrum. I recently did a podcast on this very topic, and the presenters wanted to know why people ask that question: Did you ever kill anyone? It’s a strange question that you put in perspective even from a paramedic who’s seen grisly events played out before him. So why would people want to know? John Paul Jones, the father of the American Navy once stated, “Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier.” I proposed that there’s almost a type of guilt, and yet awe in something they themselves have not experienced. And that can play out in the form of reverence or disgust. From there, it almost as if they live vicariously through the event: Well, I know this guy who was in Iraq that shot this guy. I know this paramedic who once saw….I know this girl who invaded a sex trafficking ring… It’s almost as if it becomes bragging rights and it’s either played out in agreement and hero worship, or downright disgust and condemnation. Behind all of it, as you beautifully stated, we miss “human being to human being…and the cost of it all is astronomical.” I feel like someone finally got the gist of this piece, so thank you.

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