Thanks for the response Allen! I’ve been waiting for someone to ask this question publically (a few left me private notes but I’m limited to 200 characters). To shoot you straight, there’s a ton of downsides and is largely impractical. Most every single pistol would be banned if you got rid of semi-automatic weapons (this also includes 6-shot revolvers because you only have to pull the trigger to make it fire which makes it semi-automatic). You’d be left with bolt action hunting rifles essentially. Decreasing magazine capacity does very little as well. I can reload a magazine rifle in under 6 seconds. Untrained men and women can probably do it in under 30 seconds (and that’s VERY generous)? Instead of 30 round magazines if you restrict them to 10 or 12, you only cause a 30 second delay for a shooter. Most people would say that’s enough time to attack a shooter, but as we’ve seen, very few people run toward gunfire, but away from it. Until the police arrive, it provides very little benefit in my opinion.

Realistically, restricted access to firearms until you’ve gone through proper training, registration with the local authorities, and mental health/background checks are going to have far more benefits currently than trying to ban a certain styles of rifles. Additionally, there are a few pistols that based on caliber and capability have much more destructive force than an AR-15. A Desert Eagle .50 will tear your arm off if it even clips you and that’s a handgun! A H&K USP .45 will wreck shop compared to that of an AR-15 and leave larger holes and more damage. Granted an AR has longer distance and velocity and the .223 tumbles when it impacts, but mass shooters tend to be within pistol range even when using rifles.

Personally, at this point, I’m more worried about kids who have access to youtube and can easily learn how to build a bomb. All the supplies they need are legal and can be picked up from home improvement stores (nails, fertilizer, etc). All they have to do is walk in with it in their backpack, drop it in a locker, and have it on a digital timer or remote cellphone activated. Imagine if it detonates in a hallway in between classes when it’s crowded? The shrapnel alone would be catastrophic. That’s something I have no idea how to protect against, so for the time being, better measures to ensure responsible ownerships, restrictions, and background checks would do the most to avoid mass shootings and are real changes that can be implemented.

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