Stella, and I were chatting about this to some degree on a different post, but it revolved around ethics. Wherein people basically can argue and say things like “Who says ethics has to be the same for everyone?

The biggest problems with “facts” is that they’re considered relative now. People don’t necessarily believe there is such a thing as capital “T” truth, but only subjective truths. If you want to believe the Earth is flat, then that’s your truth, who am I to tell you otherwise (that’s the postmodern mindset. God forbid you offend someone). This can range from sexuality to politics to vaccines to the freakin’ essential oils madness (of which my wife and I argue vehemently over). And here’s the kicker… for every bit of research there’s some pseudo research to make a counterpoint sound factual and believable. It becomes a tennis match trying to show the research is skewed or reported falsely. Case in point? An article I researched on porn affecting mental health had the proponents of porn come out of the woodwork with janky claims even though the research presented was a monumental landslide of evidence.

In the end, like Alexainie pointed out, it becomes overwhelming constantly trying to point people to Truth when you have to cite 8,000 bits of information for their everyone one claim. Even then, they just shrug and remained unconvinced….

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