So my best friend actually works for a new startup that’s partnered with Microsoft and is making waves in the tech community. Reason being is that using machine computer based algorithms and learning they can predict with 99% certainty when patients will die six months before a doctor can as well as accurately predicting problems that may pop up in a patients life based on heritage and lifestyle. It’s all kind of creepy and fascinating but I imagine it’s not too long before Apple jumps on that train.

However, two concerns. 1) having access to data is not the same as having wisdom. Wisdom is the application of knowledge. Alexa may be able to rattle of facts, but she certainly can tell me the meaning of life or how to be a good husband. Data collection on our health is nice, but without applied wisdom, it’s just data. 2) by monitoring our health constantly do we run into the same problem as social media where we become a generation obsessed with fear and what we don’t have and how to get there?

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