Sean, sure thing. These are hands down my favorite Top 3 books in the past 5 years:

#1 — The Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown. Imagine our society cultivated the solar system but genetically modified ourselves based on status and becomes much like a caste system. Golds are the highest and Reds the lowest. Reds believe they’ve been making Mars habitable to escape a war ravaged Earth. Turns out the solar system has been terraformed and cultivated for 700 years with Golds in charge. So a “Red” young man discovers this and joins a rebellion and infiltrates the Golds by becoming one. You WILL NOT be able to read these books fast enough and will want to throw them across the room in anger and other times fist pump. The author just continued the world too and released the first book in a new trilogy ten years after the events of Red Rising and it’s STELLAR. Everyone I’ve ever recommended this to has become obsessed FYI.

#2—The Name of the Wind/Wise Man’s Fear (KingKiller Chronicle) by Patrick Rothfuss. This is easily the greatest fantasy series I’ve ever read. You’ll have to wait on Book 3, but I loved this will all my heart and Rothfuss is a damn wordsmith.

#3—The Chronicle of the UnHewn Throne by Brian Staveley. This series takes on a fantasy/military approach in a fictional near east setting that involves Gods, mortals, and struggles over power. The character development is rich and the lessons are beautiful. You’ll love and hate the characters.

I tend to lean hard towards fantasy and sci-fi, but seriously, read the Red Rising series no matter what. People I know who hate sci-fi loved that book. If you’re looking for a specific genre though, hit me back and I can give you recs.

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