PlainTalkBadManners the original version of this article explained that, but my editors kinda chopped it down. It’s a combination of multiple aspects. Basically, if you mention the word “California” to Austinites they lose their mind. That’s because there’s been a large influx of men and women from California—where the cost of living and housing is exponentially higher—who’ve moved to the city. Several of them pay cash for homes and have driven entertainment and food prices higher because they’re used to paying more. Several tech companies from Silicon Valley have moved secondary offices to the city (Facebook and Google both have entire campuses downtown now). Even if Austinities would like to blame the West Coast solely, Austin has also become this weird hipster oasis where 100+ people move every day. People inherently want to be where the action and fun is, so they keep moving here and driving up prices and has created problems with the infrastructure which causes the city to tax us more to pay for solutions.

Hope that explains it more!

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