Oh, they can absolutely learn honor from mom. Sometimes even more. I learned about honoring my word and promises from my mother and a value I still hold very dear (she calls it being a “man of your word”). The problem is that a short blog post doesn’t encompass my worldview let alone all my thoughts or get the chance to praise mom. It’s hard being a writer because I don’t get to say everything I feel (otherwise people wouldn’t read it and it can get convoluted). It’s the curse of writing! However, with all that being said, I think it’s important to note that studies are showing the power of having a father in the home and the importance of a male figure in a child’s life to train them. In fact, a team of researchers at John Hopkins School of Medicine set out on a 30-year study to find if a single related cause existed for five major issues: mental illness, hypertension, malignant tumors, coronary heart disease, and suicide. After studying 1, 377 students over thirty years, the most prevalent single cause wasn’t what everyone thought. They found that the most significant predictor of these five tragedies was a lack of closeness to the parents, especially the father.

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