No argument here on that. It’s definitely cyclical to some degree and their amazing expertise and grit is the point of Charles Chu’s piece as you pointed out. However, to your point, I think the big difference between other operators and the SEALs has been how it’s handled. After Mark Bowden’s Black Hawk Down, it was a PR nightmare for the men in Delta Force. Many of them did not want to be named let alone have the public knowing about their existence. In the past years, they’ve worked very hard to bury any and all reference of them, though it occasionally seeps out here and there. The dramatic difference is the SEALs self-promoting attitude with examples ranging from the book No Easy Day to the SEAL who identified himself as the shooter of Osama Bin Laden to even the late Chris Kyle’s autobiography. (A caveat: Eric L. Haney’s book Inside Delta Force did the same, but landed him officially as persona non grata within the SOC community and effectively excommunicated him). My point was that, one thing many other operators have in addition to grit is a sense of humility that keeps their strength and amazing skills in check.

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