No argument here, Gary. We have it 1,000,000 times better than Vietnam vets. I think that black stain on our history is why we’ve been so supported by the public. I remind people all the time that, lest we forget, we had men and women spit on our vets—some of whom were drafted. I do believe, however, these wars are turning into more of a mental health conundrum for veterans while the public continues to express their support, while secretly thanking God there’s not a draft. There are about kids serving in Afghanistan who weren’t even born when September 11th happened. That’s mind blowing. Then they return home to a public that doesn’t understand what was asked of them and it continues to blow their mind as they complete tour after tour. We’re all so easily entertained, we forget the wolves at the gate and is reminiscent of the fall of Rome. Take a look at this letter from a Roman soldier 2,000 years old and tell me we aren’t heading there fast with our in fighting in politics and populace:

Storyteller | Combat wounded veteran | Metalhead | Designer | Bleeding on a page just makes it more authentic:

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