My wife is gluten intolerant, and we’ve often ended up in long diatribes about how she can have a tendency to write off a restaurant, certain foods, and for a helluva long time, beer (until she discovered GF beer). She wasn’t always this way because the allergy developed later in life, but now the disdain she treats places (like Italian restaurants) that don’t directly cater to her needs has become a point of contention between us. At the same time, I have an egg allergy and just avoid foods or goods that have it. My realization being that I’m a small minority, and as long as I inform the places I eat, I can work around it. They can politely inform me whether or not they can. Point being that as a movement grows, the loudest and most obnoxious voices rise to the top, and suddenly everyone else conforms. Our food is now labeled GF, vegan, Kosher, etc yet these remain a small percentage of people. I’m not implying that minorities of the population's needs don’t matter—they absolutely do. But as you pointed out, most of the time it becomes about identity as opposed to compromise, and the rest of us are so damn tired of listening to these voices we go “Sure, let’s label everything GF. We can make all bathrooms non-gender specific. Please just leave me alone and stop being so obnoxious.” I fear that both sides saber rattling will continue while the harsh reality—that the most intolerant—will be the ones that win, while the rest of the exhausted majority tunes out. Nassim Nicholas Taleb pointed this out years ago with this essay and more and more his prediction rings true:

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