Meghan, my good friend (and boss) is the leader singer of a Grammy-nominated metal band and doesn’t curse on stage. If you’ve ever been to rock or metal concert you’d know this flies in the face of the rants you hear on stage where the fuck is used to describe everything from opening-up-a-circle-pit to their political views to thanking the crowd. When I asked him why he doesn’t curse on stage, he stated “Because they’re filler words, and people who don’t have anything better to say use them as they grasp for vain sentiments. If you have to actually think through what you’re going to say, you often don’t need them.

As you have aptly pointed out, the word is now an expression of disgust and empty rhetoric while attempting to look like James Dean. Only most people sound like Oscar the Grouch with tourettes. Don’t get me wrong, there’s time for a well-placed curse word, but the truth is simply this—if you can’t tell a story without a curse word, you’re not a good storyteller. Most people could learn from Disney and the movies of old who can still evoke the emotion and action without pandering to the masses. Thanks for this piece! Loved your past several articles!

Storyteller | Combat wounded veteran | Metalhead | Designer | Bleeding on a page just makes it more authentic:

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