Maria, sadly this is the state of—purely conjecture—about half the churches I see in the west. I think they forget the original congregation of Jesus (as well as the early church) the Pharisees and Sadducees loved to slam for their inclusivity of the outcast. Hell, even the Romans ostracized them because of the way they accepted those deemed less than worthy. Any more, the church has returned to a “temple” mentality where we collect money and run a business instead of breaking bread at a table with the very people the religious wanted nothing to do with. The Last Supper is at a table and there’s something important about how we always see Jesus having a meal with people than time spent at the temple. I love what Brian Zhand has to say about this difference:

“Consider the difference between a table and a temple — temple is exclusive; table is inclusive. Temple is hierarchical; table is egalitarian. Temple is authoritarian; table is affirming. Temple is uptight and status conscious. Table is relaxed and family style. Temple is a rigorous enforcement of purity codes that prohibits the unclean. Table is a welcome home party. We still like to pretend God is a deity in a temple, when all along it turns out he’s a father at a table.”

All this to say, less time at temple, more time time at the table. The religious rulers of our day can go pound salt :)

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