Leslie, this is very much true as I live in Texas also. Even in Austin where I live (the blue dot in the red state as they tend to say) almost my entire neighborhood has weapons. It ranges from the gay couple down the street to the adamant Donald Trump supporter a block over. From what I can tell, most seem to have proper training as well. In Texas you just kind of know everyone has a gun and plans to be responsible about it for the most part. Many are trained from a young age and hunt. I’m of the old school mentality (and probably because of the military) that believes you never, ever point a gun at someone. You want strategy? Go paintballing. All this to say that despite “training” I think it’s important to go through a formal course. You get a driver’s permit at 15, but until you pass a test you don’t get your license and drive without supervision. Guns should be the same. I plan to take my daughter to the range and train her early to impart these are not toys…ever. Funny enough, my wife doesn’t know how to handle our weapons, so therefore we’ve both agreed she’s not allowed to handle one unless I’m present or until she goes through more training. Same guidelines I laid out in this piece apply to her.

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