Karie, first, I loved this story with all my being and understand your pain as a wounded combat veteran myself (plus you’re a damn good writer). Second, your husband is correct. From 2006–2007 Ramadi was the most violent city on Earth. It accounts for half of all Marine Corps deaths from 2006–2007 and half of all daily attacks that happened in the country of Iraq during that time period. I know, because I was there too during the same time as your husband.

I was lucky enough to not lose limbs, but had several friends that did. One of the things I loved most in your story is the resilience that military spouses and members show. Hell may be thrown at us, but we endure. This article is a beautiful picture of that. I think, however, the hardest thing I deal with now is how I sometimes miss war. Does your husband ever miss it too despite losing his leg? It’s an odd thing and I know I should hate it. The loss of life, fear, pain… the whole shebang.

Anyway, from one person who gets it to another, thank you for this beautiful picture of love and steadfastness.

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