Jonathan, I like to read your work, but this one is just bizzare and seems totally opposite given your take on Ravi Zachirias. I don’t see how it’s okay for you to advocate a man cheating on his wife. I know you and I have different theological differences, but I’ll be the first to tell you that Hillsong is not what it seems. Those who’ve spent their years investigating sexual abuse in the church have very little love for the Hillsong community. A few facts you should be aware of:

During my investigation into sexual abuse inside major churches, Hillsong was brought up numerous times. One of my sources was a counselor who specialized in rehabilitating sex offenders. She’d been approached by Hillsong leaders to help some of their staff with “porn addiction and sexual deviancy” but said that was not what they were dealing with at all and was technically illegal, but due to HIPPA laws couldn’t say anything more. She did say that in time the cards would start falling. That caused me to dig a little more.

Carl Lentz’s dad – Stephen – is Hillsong’s attorney and has been for several years. The fact that he was terminated swiftly-as well as his wife- means there’s probably more to the story than what’s being told. You conviently left out how his fling stated he was a narcissist who only cares about himself and been sleeping around for years. Theres also been reports of other former leaders in the church saying the same. So tell me, what part of that represents Jesus?

Last, I caution people in churches where there are no open books to see where the money goes. Hillsong has zero financial accountability and Lentz flaunted $1400 shoes from stage. You wanna advocate for him, fine. But Ill be the first to tell you that with time more shit is going to come out and you’ll be left looking the fool. Don’t tie your horse to this madness.

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