I’m going to disagree on that front, brad. Not because I’m some social justice warrior or that I align with a feminist ideology (hell, I don’t align with masculine ideology either), but because the same is true for both sides and toxicity reigns in both camps. Talk to a lot of women who lament how hard it is to find a man of character and integrity. Dicks pics on first dates, no idea how to commit, and genuine behavior that would have got them punched in the face by their WWII grandad who was off killing nazis and romancing his wife. This isn’t to say that women haven’t contributed to the problem—they have. Instagram and the pursuit of vanity in our young women is all too common. But both men and women have sacrificed love on the altar of career paths. Typically though, when I hear someone blame only one sex, it’s because they had a first-hand encounter in a toxic relationship. That, however, does not constitute the entire female or male population.

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