I’m conflicted on this one, Justin. I whole-heartedly agree that Series is a fantastic step for the Fiction community. I even dreamed up how cool it would be if a new fiction series that people fell in love with (Like Hugh Howey’s Wool) began on Series. I love that you can subscribe and get updates to know when the series continues.

Here’s what blows monkeys though:

You can only write Series on your damned app on your phone. Who the hell writes stories or a novel on their phone? Maybe jotting down ideas, sure, but that has got to take a god awful amount of time unless you have 20 fingers and are the world’s fastest texter. Don’t even get me started on editing a piece and checking grammar. And then there’s Clappy McClaperstein. The other day I read through a series and it wasn’t even good. I was just having so much fun holding down the clapping icon and watching explosions and microphones fly everywhere I’m pretty sure I gave some asinine piece 7,000 claps. On Medium that green heart means something. People found your piece compelling, right? Now I have Clap-bait! I don’t even have to like the piece, I just want to play with the emojis!

All that being said, it’s a great start, but it needs to be refined. Once they refine it a little and I’ll be the first on there sharing new fiction novellas and short stories.

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