I very much appreciate your honesty and transparency here. I know a lot of times on Medium things can get downright nasty in the comments section at times. But there’s also a ton of great people who share their viewpoints even if they have opposing views or once thought a certain way contrary to the authors. So I appreciate your honesty in sharing that you’re not there and probably won’t go back. However, in that same breath, I also feel like you and I are eerily similar (I love history, storytelling, and am massive fantasy and Sci-Fi geek. Please tell me you’ve read Red Rising???). For many years I was like, “Maybe faith? Nah….” I ended up having a priest who was instrumental in my search that always told me, “Keep searching. It’ll only make you stronger.” That last thing I needed to hear was more reason to believe (which I feel like most Christians do). Dale Carnagie once stated:

A man convinced against his will his of the same opinion still

The last thing I needed was another lesson from someone as it would have only pushed me further away. For you, me, and many others I often feel are on a journey. And I believe most times if you continue searching, you’ll find your answer. So, like my old priest friend I simply say to you, “Keep searching. Keep growing. It’ll only make you stronger.

(*Side note: I just realized, Brian Geddes, that you’re the author who wrote this:

Hot damn that was mind boggling and had to read to the comments to figure out what the hell nullification was! Fantastic and fun writing. I enjoy your work! Congrats on it being top 20 article also!)

Storyteller | Combat wounded veteran | Metalhead | Designer | Bleeding on a page just makes it more authentic: https://benjaminsledge.com

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