I think you’re onto something here. A how-to/memoir that includes examples from your life of failures, wins, victories, and defeats digs deep at the heart of “why” we suck at finances. A good story will always speak more to the soul of a reader than a step-by-step process. I would very much be interested in a novel you wrote using your self-deprecating humor and life lessons about finances!

As to your other your other questions?

  1. Passion, Bleeding Money, & Resistance

Like you I had to learn how to save and budget (thanks Dave Ramsey!), but then I decided to quit my corporate job and follow my passion of writing and managing a non-profit startup (where I’m still working). You start to bleed money at that point, and I wondered, “Is this what I should be doing making peanuts?” And there was all this resistance around it. So many of us feel this resistance around giving up comfort and security. There fear. There’s this gut resistance to it all. But Resistance is actually your true north.

For centuries sailors used Polaris (The North Star) as their “True North.” Anytime they got off course they could look to the night sky and course correct. Resistance does the same thing. It always points you in the direction you should be heading. The reason that fear (the resistance) and that gut check is there is because deep down we know it’s what we should do. Freelancing it seems, is what you should do. But in the process, you will struggle. It happened to me this year and I’m just now trying to bounce back.

2. The Social Black Hole

I heard this from a fellow speaker at an event I was also speaking at for the Army. I wrote it down in my journal that night and dwell on it a lot. Funny enough, he was talking to parents about social media usage and their phones. I’ve been 100% glued, just like you, to my phone and social media. This year I resolved to change that and began using a planner that helps me set goals (I splurged on the top rated one, but it’s awesome). Limiting social media is one of those, so when I’m in front of my computer I use a blocker for those sites. When I’m out with friends, I make all of us do a tower of power with our phones (first one who reaches for their phone buys a round!). Aside from promoting my work and writing, It’s just a time suck. So I write my tweets and posts beforehand on a text editor, then open, post, and close. I don’t usually ever check messages on Facebook because I would spend my life responding (and I hate that it has read receipts). I allow myself some time in the evening to respond to comments, but during the day? Time to focus. Granted…this has only been working well for a week ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, that’s what works for me so far!

Storyteller | Combat wounded veteran | Metalhead | Designer | Bleeding on a page just makes it more authentic: https://benjaminsledge.com

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