I think that’s the hardest part about writing “well.” Anyone can churn words onto a page and press publish. A lot of popular content, you must remember, doesn’t necessarily translate into quality. Think about all the fake news that gets thousands of shares and comments. In the same respect, some of the authors on Medium prey on exactly what you want to hear, even though it lacks substance. I’ve very nit picky these days about who and what I read on Medium. Reason being, is I want quality content that make me clap, cheer, ponder, or challenges me (for instance, Dave Eggers recent series— regardless of political views—is a fantastic read). Because The Writing Cooperative’s mission is to help writers continually write better, I felt it was important to point out just how many people are churning out subpar content because they see others getting the clicks and claps (but it doesn’t necessarily translate into actual reads).

Thanks for the feedback and glad to hear this helped!

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