I said this in another article I read about Russia’s information warfare, but what the Russians have done is simply stole the playbook from the U.S. The U.S. was able to accomplish the same objective by destabilizing the Middle East (which led to the Arab Spring). Instead of having our “enemies” united and fighting against U.S. foreign policy, we caused a deep fracturing that still continues while the U.S. reaps the benefits. Now the Russians are using the same tactics, but all anyone can focus on is how either “This is scapegoating the Russians because you don’t want Trump in office” or “See! Trump is evil and used the Russians for collusion!” The fracturing is already so deep, that we can’t see the truth (as you stated): This is about sowing division to have the U.S. removed from the global economy and so inwardly focused that the Russians doesn’t have to worry about U.S. interference.

All that to say, great analysis Kate!

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