How to Prepare for The End of The World (As We Know It)

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Benjamin Sledge


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Let’s begin with the obvious: people are worried about the state of the world.

Or more accurately, they’re worried about America. Between COVID, social unrest, income disparity, political upheaval, and our tech overlords, there’s cause for concern.

Everyone has a hot take, whether journalist or part-time blogger, with many leaning toward a futuristic hellscape. Medium’s own hit essayist, Jessica Wildfire, even dropped two articles lamenting the issues within the United States. In them, she addresses first world entitlement and how Millennials are planning and panicking. One of them begins with an ode to Cormac McCarthy’s dystopian novel, The Road, and how we’re walking toward that end. The articles carry a blend of nihilism, cynicism, and, to some degree, defeat. Most people like their articles with a little pep and rah-rah, but with Wildfire’s more recent articles, she calls this toxic optimism.

It’s important to note that Jessica and I interact and read each other’s work. We both cut our teeth on Medium, and I contacted her prior to writing this article. This is not an attempt to get in some weird author feud, but to provide a more nuanced approach to problems she presented in her articles ranging from geopolitics to history to philosophical implications. If anything, you’ll owe her a debt of gratitude should you find this piece insightful.

So with that said, let’s dive in.

Boomers and supply chain issues

The media is currently focusing their energy on how many people have quit their jobs and are looking for alternative employment in what they’ve dubbed “The Great Resignation.” COVID ranks among the major reasons people are exploring new careers, along with savings from stimulus checks. They’ve also re-prioritized their lives after lockdown and are demanding more of their employers. It’s a piece of the puzzle, sure, but they’ve left out a major component. We’re experiencing a generational reset because the Baby Boomers are finally retiring.

Boomers should have retired around 2008, but because of the subprime lending crisis, they…



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