Hi Sean! Yeah, Medium tends to promote articles in the popular tab that have continued to remain popular and garner interest over the years. This one has close to 400K who’ve viewed it and people continue to share it. It’s not my favorite thing I’ve ever written, but does get the point across.

To your statement, Christianity does indeed have a PR problem, when—in reality—it never should have had PR to begin with. Many Christian institutions now only care about protecting their own and oppressing the marginalized, which is counter to what Christ teaches. I believe we’ll grow more underground and hopefully the fundies will die off while we return to our roots. However, as long as money plays a powerful part in this, I’m a little hesitant to declare that. That said, I spent a year investigating corrupt Christians leaders inside the Southern Baptist Convention and explore just how money and power is the driving force behind them supressing sexual abuse among their ranks. I approached Medium over a year ago and they bought the article, which was followed up by the massive uncovering of sexual abuse by the Houston Chronicle (I sent them the evidence I’d compiled prior to the release of their article after they gained wind of mine). Here’s the article if interested as you’ll see much of what you point out is in this piece:

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