Hi Sam. The publication I write for and which you’re reading this in (HeartSupport) is a mental health entity. We work specifically in that realm and have helped thousands of people around the globe struggling though the issues you’ve listed. We understand the complexities of anxiety and depression and deal with them everyday, so this piece is not intended to make light of that. It should be noted the story told at the front was fictional. This was also made clear in the piece. Where Angels Fear very succinctly responded with the thoughts I have. It’s not by any means a person’s fault that they struggle with these issues, however, the help they need is very far beyond that of what a loved one or spouse can provide. A prime example of this is postpartum depression and something my wife has dealt with after the birth of our child. As much as I want to help, many times I can exacerbate the problem, whereas she requested a counselor to help her move forward and is what’s needed. Just because my wife struggles with that doesn’t mean I divorce her. That would be absurd. Last, the point of this piece is specifically about relational health and knowing when to break up, not a critique or advice on mental health issues.

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