Hi Percy. You are correct that in Piper’s case it had nothing to do with money and he has given away millions of what he could have kept. Brent—who I interviewed in this article—confirmed that as well. The issue with Piper is that he’s refused to review the evidence and continued to support Mahaney (The Houston Chronicle confirmed Brent Detwiler sent evidence to 77 pastors who ignored it. Piper was on that list). In Piper’s case, I see it as this: Working in the Christian speaking circuit myself, there’s a good ‘ol boy mentality among many influential pastors and speakers. They back their friends because they can’t believe they’d fall into error. I’ve literally heard pastors say, “That can’t be true. I know them personally.” For a group that professes total depravity, they seem to think it somehow doesn’t apply to them or their friends in the pulpit. Since the Houston Chronicle released its report on sexual abuse following this one, Piper has issued no apologies or statements, even though SBC President JD Greear has called for the possibility of removing Mahaney’s church from the SBC and Al Mohler has apologized for supporting Mahaney. My guess is he remains silent, because when’s the last time you heard Piper publicly admit he botched something? If that’s not food for thought then I don’t know what is.

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