Hi Natasha. First, thank you for reading, but I guess I’m confused as to why you stated I’m missing out on something that women have. You then state you “guess not.” Your comment, however, would imply you didn’t finish reading the rest of the article as I explicitly state:

However, both of us have wise friends we can voice frustrations about our marriage to. But the point of going to those friends is to always point us back to each other, not apart. The point isn’t to complain, but to discover how we can love one another better. If you have friends who consistently agree with whatever disparaging remarks you make against your romantic interest, you don’t have friends. You have a coalition of cowards. Cowards will tell you whatever you want to hear. A friend, however, will be objective and loving enough to point out error. They also want to see your relationship thrive as opposed to becoming another dead end or divorce statistic.

So to your point, I would say I did whole-heartedly agree with what you stated and was—indeed—stated in the article. Hope this clears that up!

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