Hi Mike! There’s a saying recovery communities and 12-Step that’s often espoused: “You get out of recovery what you put into it.” What you’ll find in the pages of Dwarf Planet is practical steps you’ll have to put the work into, because healing depends solely on how you respond to it. That said, there’s an entire workbook section on acedia that ties into the core of our whole person healing approach. These exercises encompasses more than just depression and you’ll be forced to dig deep. We even warn that if you you’re expecting this book to suddenly change everything without engaging, all you’ll have is a bunch of new information. We make sure people buy in when we begin in our introduction. Hope that explains it a bit more. You can even get on Amazon and look at the intro and some pages by using the “Look Inside” function.

Storyteller | Combat wounded veteran | Metalhead | Designer | Bleeding on a page just makes it more authentic: https://benjaminsledge.com

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