Hi Jim. I can assure you that I’ve spoke with numerous churches across the U.S. regarding how they handle mental health and am invited to speak on the topic of mental health regularly from the pulpit (that’s a link to one of the talks and I’m also a licensed pastor). After each speaking engagement, tons of people pour forward and thank me as they relay that for years they been taught single solutions typically ranging from prayer to journaling to bible reading. Staff at churches have also relied how they feel ill equipped to handle mental health as the way they typically are taught to engage is through prayer and pointing their congregants to the scriptures. At our organization, we’ve also surveyed thousands and asked what they’ve been told, and the answer remains the same. I include information from our surveys in the books I write and have a mental health specialist review it as well as an editor, so I can assure you these are not mere suggestions but stone cold facts I can back up with data and research I’ve conducted.

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