Hi Dan. I think you inferred some things from the article that weren’t there. One of the biggest problems in the American church is that many pastors preach morality instead of the Gospel. It’s disillusioning to parishioners to hear about God’s moral codes and how they should be living and then have their pastors turn around and abuse the very thing they proclaim while claiming grace only for themselves. That or they distort sacred literature and use it for gain (much like the prosperity gospel). Is it any wonder why so many have left the church when their leaders demand perfection when they can’t even keep it for themselves? The ministers of so-called grace completely ignorant to grace. So of course, it makes sense that people follow charlatans because they don’t know any better.

I explained later on in the article that when I discovered the Gospel, it radically shifted everything and produces humility in the face of your shortcomings. Pastors who emulate this—though they fall short—do their congregation a justice because it’s never about them. And they allow their congregants to be messy. While they may have a speaking gift, were they to leave it doesn’t cripple a church because it’s never about the man, but about God.

The intro was merely alluding to this as many people have fallen trap to moralism. The crux of everything is at the end that explains the Gospel. Did you finish the article out of curiosity?

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