Hi Corey. I’m kind of surprised you’re advocating that the weak are better off killing themselves and that we shouldn’t try to stop them. I’m wondering why you view life this way?

Imagine someone came up to you and asked, “Why does a human life matter more than that of an insect?” Depending on your reasons, views, or even spiritual outlook there can be a plethora of answers. One person might appeal to the natural order of things, biology, or a human’s self-awareness and critical thinking. Another might say humans were “created in the image of God,” whereas insects were not. Still, a third may have no idea as to the why, they just inherently know human life matters more than that of a grasshopper. But in your outlook it appears that human life does not carry any intrinsic value. For most people, survival of the fittest is not a world we would want to live in. Of course, you can always say “Who says ethics has to be the same for everyone?” but that mentality will eventually lead towards the oppression of others.

Regardless of what you’ve advocated, life does get better for many. There are countless stories of people who have attempted suicide who only later say how much they regret it. We have a young man in our community here at HeartSupport who attempted suicide 13 times. He’s forever grateful he didn’t succeed and now helps others who are struggling and or attempting.

I’m guessing you have your mind made up already, but I’m trying to understand why you feel this way and felt the need to attack Kristie’s honesty and vulnerability? Did you lose someone to suicide that evoked this response? Or is it something you’re currently walking through?

Storyteller | Combat wounded veteran | Metalhead | Designer | Bleeding on a page just makes it more authentic: https://benjaminsledge.com

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