Hi Aaron! Thanks for your input and pointing out a few things I should update (which I did with a caveat at the end). My intent was not to downplay the severity of the issue, but to cater toward our audience at HeartSupport. Several people talk about anxiety around school, work, dating, jobs, etc and is more of the realm of small (a) anxiety, so I went after that issue. I think a lot of people who read my articles assume I’m churning out advice that encompasses all of my world view of advice I would have, which is simply not the case. Due to people’s shrinking attention spans I try and present clear and concise topics they can engage with, but certainly wouldn’t be even 70% of what I could write let alone counsel someone on. Such is the curse these days!

From a personal perspective, I’ve dealt with the larger (A)nxiety which led to panic attacks as a result of PTSD from my time in both wars and where I was wounded in action. Large crowds set it off or thinking about the past was troublesome as well, so this advice wouldn’t be for that. I had to sit with a counselor and process through a lot of the trauma in order to find healing. I hope this response helps clarify and assuage your concerns!

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