Hey Ted! Thanks for the great response. Another responder chimed in with an article by Dr. Keller you can read here in which he brings up much of your same points. I think by and large what we’re seeing is cultural christianity (which has been labeled Evangelical by the media) swing in the direction of political idolatry and nationalism. Hell, from the census in 2014 we had 70.6% of the population identify as Christian in the United States. I’ve met men and women here in Texas who I asked in a conversation, “oh, when did you become a Christian?” and their response was (I kid you not) “well I was born in Texas.” I’ve been in several churches where the pastor promotes a political agenda and endorses a candidate using the Bible to do some absurd biblical hermeneutics. I also have the opportunity to speak around the country at different churches and many parishioners I’ve encountered want the happy, clappy feel good Joel Osteen Christianity which shrivels a heart as opposed to making it come alive. Which in turn has lead to the dilemma we’re in because that theology makes it about you and your needs as opposed to others.

In regards to what I wrote about Bonhoeffer, you must know first and foremost I love my country. I served 11 years in the Army, fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, and was wounded in action. But I also know what blind patriotism does. The portion about Bonhoeffer was not to draw parallels between that of Nazi Germany and what is happening now (albeit if you read Metaxas’s biography on Bonhoeffer the similarities are eery). Instead, it’s meant as a reminder that where we see others using their faith in a destructive manner under the banner of Christ, that we must be the spoke that halts the continued injustices they endorse under a warped sense of the “Kingdom of God.” I hope that clarifies my thoughts a little more!

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