Hey Linda! Always good to hear from you. Agree with most of what you’ve written, and agree that the political system is broken, but think it’s much, much bigger than the two party system fixing it. Honestly, I think both parties are culprits and have written on the problems with both sides in another article.

That aside, one of the issues that can be rectified is people living in cities they can’t afford on salaries that don’t make ends meet (ie. Austin, San Fran, etc). My wife and I are currently moving out of Austin for that very reason and going to a smaller city that costs about 20% less. Additionally, there are jobs and moves you can make to make it work in large cities. A friend just moved to Denver and the cost of living between Austin and Denver is about the same. However, she took a nanny job where she lives in a separate portion of the house and doesn’t pay rent or utilities. Living in Austin, she was working 3 jobs. Now she works one and spends time outdoors but makes the same salary as before. The point being that sure, everything is screwed up because of greed as I pointed out. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t opt out of the BS. It’s drastic and painful, but I asked myself the question: “what more important? Less with a soul, or staying in the same environment where I slowly die?” Most people don’t think they have options when they do or they don’t want to leave their comfort zone. But again, staying in a sewer is still staying in a sewer.

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