Hey Laura! Good question.

Yes, I wondered about putting that line in there, but since my audience was writers I felt it necessary to paint vivid imagery despite the fact it was grotesque in nature. When I look at writers who’s work I remember, it’s because they can paint a picture and create what I like to call “sticky points.” They are moments or key points that a reader remembers. As you pointed out, these are the things that kind of stuck with you and you were curious about. They help tie back to a reference point as well so you’ll remember the point. A great example of a writer who does this (and probably where I picked it up in all honesty) is Chuck Palahniuk. In his novel, Invisible Monsters, (and honestly most of his work) he does a phenomenal job tying ideas to bizarre and disturbing imagery. As disturbing as it may all be, to this day I remember those points and plot points.

If it helps assuage any of your fears, my friend who told me that is a fellow writer, and one of the most kind-hearted men I know that loves his wife sacrificially and would never advocate getting into a girls pants. He was using it to illustrate a point, and it stuck with me as he intended. As far as the porn thing goes, I hate the way it objectifies women and the way it’s neurologically rewiring our young men’s brains. Often I get to hear both sides of the argument as I research, write, and speak on the subject, so was easy to point to in order to help create a “sticky point.”

Hope this clarifies things!

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