Ha, good point considering the two aren’t really related. Honestly, I joined the military to help pay for college and my art classes I was taking there initially. BUT, my family also has a long lineage of military history that dates back to the American Civil War on both sides of my lineage. There’s a joke among the military about those who have a family history. We say it “runs in the blood.” Which, for some weird reason, it really does. Some of it was to impress people if I’m being transparent. Some of my reason was for money for school. Some was for patriotism and a chance to leave certain freedoms I could enjoy so that others could. But then there was the side of me that just wanted to. I had no desire to shoot people or anything like that (as some people imagine that’s why we go in. Very strange sentiment), but it seemed like for once, it was something bigger than myself. I’m glad I served, as it really sparked a lot of creativity and stories as well as teaching me about honor, integrity, and selflessness. The brotherhood and camaraderie is something that almost can’t be put into words and what I miss the most. I have friends I served with who could call me and tell me to drive 13 hours to see them and, without hesitation, I’d be in the car that day to be with them. In the end, I guess it has to do with the warrior and poet I see inside every man. Sometimes the warrior is more evident. Sometimes the poet. I’ve been lucky enough to kind of walk in both worlds, and am thankful for that.

Storyteller | Combat wounded veteran | Metalhead | Designer | Bleeding on a page just makes it more authentic: https://benjaminsledge.com

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