Great question and thanks for taking the time to ask. The friend who had chased Josh down had plenty of friends and really didn’t have to. He just enjoyed Josh’s company and knew he tended to be an introverted and was somewhat of a task to get him out. That being said, I really resonate with your comment of being desperate leading to vulnerability. I love Brene Brown’s teachings on vulnerability and feel like maybe you answered the question already. I know for myself, being vulnerable leads to more authentic relationships, and sometimes vulnerability can take the form of desperation. I think there are two forms of it, however. Good desperation and bad. There’s the kind that makes good things ultimate, which ultimately ends up bad, because if you don’t get the relationship/friendship/job it will crush you. But then there’s good desperation, which for me, took the form of getting desperate enough to step out of my comfort zone and chase people down instead of being lonely. It could be the same with a job or romantic interest, in that you finally get desperate enough to move out of the stagnation of life and push forward. Along the way, rejection will happen, but the vulnerability to face it would ultimately become courage is what Brene Brown would say.

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