First, thanks for keeping it civil even though you disagree. Sometimes the comments on divisive topics can get downright nasty. Second, I’ve rarely found that I can convince people of a different worldview when responding in comments. I’m sure if we sat down over a beer or coffee we’d probably have a lot to talk about regarding the subject with points, counterpoints, and more research. I think we can forget their are actual human beings on the other end of the comments with feelings and different life experiences, but as we all cannot meet for beer and coffee, we are reduced to comments.

All this to say, we’re stuck at an impasse and see differently. I will concede that of course this essay is slanted in favor of being anti-porn. Anyone reading can see that. But, I do feel many people are missing the point and focusing more on porn being beneficial/determinantal. The entire point of this essay was that porn is playing a part is rape culture among men, and based on what is out there on the web it feeds their sexual aggression with it’s demeaning nature towards women (hence the title). Most women are going to agree on that.

I guess since we are on different sides, I’m more curious to hear about personal experience if you’re apt to share. How has porn been beneficial for you? In your relationships? And I’m curious, if you do watch porn, do you stick to the same stuff or have you moved on into new territory? I found I moved on and developed a callousedness. But then again I’m not everyone, and situations and circumstances vary for people.

Anyway, thanks for engaging with me politely.

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