Fair question, Tim. I think one of the biggest problems the Americans made in both wars was thinking that somehow both cultures were going to latch onto American ideals and democracy. It was like we expected them to start loving baseball and the way we handle politics and foreign policy, which is an absurd notion when you remember their culture is the polar opposite of ours. That said, I think everyone has a fundamental right to have access to education without fear of repercussions. If you’re terrified you’re going to get blown up simply because you want to learn to read (as those little girls did) what part of that resembles an ideology you would want to be a part of?

As to your question of how to convince them not to move to the West? I’ll assume you’re referencing how Indians and Middle Eastern residents migrate to the U.S. and enter medical or engineering fields after achieving their degrees in their homeland. That, I would say, boils down to parenting. One of the greatest lessons I want to pass on to my kids is that they can make the biggest difference where they live and work. Sure, there are better opportunities everywhere, but the world is a consumer culture where we always assume the grass is greener elsewhere. This doesn’t mean your kids will listen, but you can at least influence them enough to consider it.

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