Daniel, thanks for the kind response and engaging with me on here. I believe you and I are in agreement on the same things that “societal and interrelational” aspects play the largest part and as you aptly put, could better be “cured” by establishing closer relationships and cultivating intrinsic values and meaning. Really, that’s what the book hammers on. The reason I spoke about acedia was because it was a portion of the book I found super fascinating when I was researching. I’d never heard of it and was looking into sloth and spiritual issues when I stumbled across it. We take a whole person approach in the book exploring all the aspects that make us human—from the physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, relational, existential, and intellectual. So this section was included and seems to have hit a nerve with people in a way I didn’t expect. In the book, the way it ties into the analogy was a lot of fun for me too, so I was like, “eh, what the hell. I’ll adapt this and write an article for Medium about it.”

Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting and best to you and your endeavors as well!

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